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The Original Band

The original band was formed in the lounge room of Terry Overton's parents house during the early seventies. Of the four band members on Merv had previous experience. While no one can quite remember how long Terry remained as lead singer  it was only a very short time. We can't quit remember whether we couldn't put up with his singing or he couldn't put up with our playing but which ever it was wee still remained go friends for a number of years after. Various band members would remember the long talk sessions in the caravan parked and the back of Terry's parents Place. I don't remember if any songs were written there but I certainly remember it as being a place of inspiration of our growths as young adults.

Lead Guitar - Merv Nixon

Bass Guitar - Ken Gaal

Drummer     - Barry Ackling

Lead Singer - Terry Overton

Later Members

According to Ken recollection there have been 42 various members played or sang with after forever during the life of the band. We may not remember who you all were so if your name isn't shown below then drop us a lline and we'll fix it.

Lead Singer - Martin Hope

Keyboards   - David Jacobs

Electric Guitar - Steven Warren

Electric Guitar - Ken Simpson

Drummer - Ian Hurst

Fan Club

While After Forever never really had a true fan club we a proud to say that Margaret Farrey Founding president of the prominent 60s TV personality Fan Club, acted as our Fan Club president and was always a great to the band both during the seventies and more recently during our reunion celebrations.


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