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Make a list of your favorite sites from the World Wide Web. You can add hyperlinks to other Web Sites, or replace an existing links, by selecting the text and choosing the Hyperlinks command from the Insert menu.

  • www.pts-aust.com
    • This is the major sponcers for this website. If you have any web hosting requirements please visit this site.
  • www.pts-networks.com
    • This is the website for this website other sponce. If you have Windows Networking requirements please visit this website.
  • afterforever.com & afterforever.net
    • Some of  the many band website for bands named after forever. They are current bands which have absolutley no link with this web site or the After Forever Band formed in the early seventies in a house in Newton road Blacktown. It just it only proves the popularity of the name we chose all those years ago.


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